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    Seth Davis may have won some admirers, in Montana, at the expense of insulting perhaps as many as half of New York state’s basketball fans (and millions of others beyond New York’s borders). But in so doing, he apparently disregarded the idea that he was making himself look and sound like a buffoon.

    With all due respect to CBS Sports broadcasting, which welcomes controversy, the door opens with regard to the question of impartiality of the network’s announcer(s).

    Seth Davis’ “Selection Sunday Show” commentary — specifically, that the 13th-seeded Montana Grizzlies would eliminate the 4th-seeded Syracuse University Orange from the NCAA Tournament on Thursday night in San Jose — was better suited for the Comedy Network and insults the integrity of other announcers.

    Possibly, Davis’ comments, while arguably uncalled for, were motivated by an agenda he may have against SU, Syracuse basketball and/or Jim Boeheim. Is Davis’ next move to sponsor a pep rally in Missoula, Mont. — the home of the University of Montana?

    And yet, if the Grizzlies do knock off the Orange, evoking memories of the Richmond Spiders’ upset of SU in 1996, Davis becomes a genius. Fine. But in the meantime, would he be willing to risk his employment with CBS in exchange for the potential of that genius label?

    — Al Abdo
    Winston-Salem, N.C.


    Poliquin: Seth Davis ticked off more than a few people, including this fella in North Carolina | syracuse.com

    Ah, the wingnuts of March. Bring ‘em on.

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