12 Best Dunkers In NBA History

12 Best Dunkers In NBA History? The NBA Slam Dunk Contest has provided fans with thrilling battles between professional basketball’s best dunkers as well as breathtaking performances by some of the game’s all-time greats. The …

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12 Best Dunkers In NBA History? The NBA Slam Dunk Contest has provided fans with thrilling battles between professional basketball’s best dunkers as well as breathtaking performances by some of the game’s all-time greats. The following players are the best when it comes to slam dunks during NBA All-Star Weekend and, more importantly, throwing down with fierce jams in a game.

From present greats like Blake Griffin and LeBron James, who have some very great dunking games, to past all-star NBA dunkers like Clyde Drexler, Michael Jordan, and Julius Erving, these fellas can all dunk like a few others.

12 Best Dunkers In NBA History

The Dunk. It isn’t always necessary, and it isn’t always practical, but in the game of basketball, there is no better crowd-pleaser. The origins of the slam dunk are disputed; some sources claim that the first dunk was recorded in a game in 1936, but it wasn’t until the 1960s and 1970s that it became popular and helped the sport gain massive popularity.

Regardless of when it began, the dunk has become a staple of the game, with an entire night dedicated to it during All-Star weekend. Many players can dunk, but only a few can be regarded as the best. These players have elevated it to the level of an art form, whether it’s in-game, during the dunk contest, or both. The ten greatest dunkers of all time are listed below.

  1. Vince Carter

“Half Man-Half Amazing” is a strong contender for the title of the greatest dunker of all time. Not only did he have the greatest Slam Dunk Contest performance in NBA history during the 2000 NBA All-Star festivities, but he also had the greatest in-game dunk in basketball history. Vinsanity was in full swing at the 2000 Olympics when Vlade Divac picked up a loose ball and took two dribbles. He let out an explosive jump over 7-foot French player Frédéric Weis to give Team Serbia victory.

  1. Dominique Wilkins

The moniker ‘The Human Highlight Film’ isn’t given to someone for no reason. More than 20 years after his retirement, Dominique Wilkins’ name is synonymous with the greatest dunkers of all time. There was no better dunker in the league during his time. He and Michael Jordan had perhaps the greatest dunk contest rivalry, with Jordan defeating him in 1985 and losing to him controversially in 1987. Wilkins went on to win the contest two more times in 1990. Wilkins was a fantastic scorer who could match almost anyone’s point totals and drive like the best of them.

  1. Michael Jordan 

Throughout his legendary career, “Air Jordan” did it all on the court. Jordan was the winner of two NBA Slam Dunk Contests, including an epic duel in 1988 with Dominique Wilkins. Patrick Ewing’s psyche was severely damaged by his spin move to the baseline against the New York Knicks in the 1991 Playoffs.

  1. Julius Erving

“Dr. J” is one of the most well-known dunkers in the game. Because the NBA Slam Dunk Contest didn’t exist when he initially started playing professionally, he hasn’t ever won any. Despite winning the 1976 ABA Slam Dunk Contest, he is best known for his on-court heroics.

He was able to be one of the most graceful dunkers in the game’s history thanks to his long frame. His dunk against Portland’s Bill Walton in the 1977 NBA Finals is one of the league’s most memorable plays.

  1. Shawn Kemp

The “Reign Man” is arguably the most ferocious dunker in NBA history. His high-flying dunks frequently ended with a defender attempting to hide his face on his back. Kemp is one of the few players whose dunks have earned him nicknames, after suffering the “Lister Blister,” Golden State Warriors’ Alton Lister was left searching for his pride on the Key Arena floor.

  1. Kobe Bryant

Bryant, also known as the “Black Mamba,” is the NBA’s closest resemblance to Michael Jordan. On the court, he does it all, including some of the most disrespectful in-your-face dunks in the league’s history. Bryant won the 1997 NBA Slam Dunk Contest as a rookie with a swagger that set the tone for a legendary career.

  1. Blake Griffin

Lake Griffin appears to possess all the athletic abilities that a basketball player could desire. He stands at a good 6’9″, has elite athleticism, and can score, pass, and rebound. He was never considered a true superstar on par with the best, but his achievements speak for themselves. Not bad for someone who wasn’t even expected to make the team! After winning six out of seven games, scoring 18 points in one quarter, and being awarded rookie of the year honors – it’s no wonder they call this guy “The King.”

  1. Clyde Drexler

“Clyde the Glide” was so elegant as a dunker that he doesn’t always get the credit he deserves. Because of his smooth delivery and grace, he almost made it look too simple.

  1. David Thompson

Thompson is frequently overlooked in discussions of the greatest dunkers of all time due to the way his career was derailed by off-the-court issues, but he was a rare talent on the court.

  1. Jason Richardson

Richardson has been one of the most impressive dunkers in the league since his debut in 2001. He not only won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in 2002 and 2003, but he also has a long highlight reel of in-game dunks from his lengthy career.

  1. Tracy McGrady

T-Mac played in the NBA for a long time and had a successful career. McGrady’s cousin, Vince Carter, drew a lot of attention in Toronto throughout his early NBA days, but his resume was littered with posterizing dunks.

  1. Larry Nance

Nance is one of the NBA’s original high-flyers. Nance’s long and lanky frame resulted in a few of the NBA’s most memorable dunks. Nance won the 1984 Slam Dunk Contest and earned the nickname “The High Ayatollah of Slamola,” which is one of the most unusual in NBA history.

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