Why Basketball Is Better Than Football?

why basketball is better than football? You may not want to admit it, but there are undoubtedly things about the NBA that make its games superior to NFL contests — at least for those of …

why basketball is better than football

why basketball is better than football? You may not want to admit it, but there are undoubtedly things about the NBA that make its games superior to NFL contests — at least for those of a certain disposition. This article outline on basketball is better than football and has several aspects that make it the superior sport.

why basketball is better than football

Basketball Is Safer Than Football

Football players are at much greater risk of knee injuries than basketball players. A study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine found that among high school athletes who sustained ACL tears, approximately 9 percent played basketball while more than 80 percent played football or soccer.

Basketball is better than football because it is a sport that is generally safer for the body than football, and it has fewer injuries overall. For example, injuries are far less common in basketball than in football.

  • Basketball requires less physical contact than football.
  • Basketball players must be constantly aware of their surroundings and avoid collisions with other players; there is no blocking allowed in basketball.
  • Basketball does not require large numbers of players on the field at once (unlike football).
  • Basketball does not require as much speed or agility as other sports do.
  • Basketball players do not wear helmets or pads while playing.

There are many reasons why basketball is safer than football:

In football, you have to wear a helmet and pads to play. That means that every time you make contact with another person 

  • Even if it’s just a little bump 
  • It’s really scary because you could get seriously injured or even killed if you get hit too hard by someone else who doesn’t know what they’re doing (which happens quite often). 

In basketball, however, there are no helmets or pads needed so there is no need to worry about getting hurt while playing basketball. All you have to worry about is making sure that nobody steals the ball from you or gets in your way when trying to make a shot.

Football players get hit in the head with flying pigskin all of the time (and sometimes with flying teammates as well). This can be very dangerous because even though helmets are worn by the player but still cause injuries.

There Are Fewer Rules In Basketball

Basketball is better than football, as there are fewer rules than in football. This makes it easier for people to play because they don’t have to worry about all the football rules. 

For example, in basketball you can’t tackle someone; however, in football, you can tackle them but only when they have the ball in their hands or if they are running with the ball. If they are carrying the ball they can tackle they and take away their chance of scoring a touchdown or getting an interception or fumble recovery.

The Rules Of Basketball Are Simpler

If you have ever watched a basketball game, you know that the rules are simpler than those of football. Basketball is a game of skill and finesse, which means that it is easier to learn the basics and get into the action.

In football, the rules are more complicated because it is a game of brute force. This makes it harder for beginners to understand what is happening on the field and why things are happening as they do. 

Football Rules:

In football, the rules are so complicated that it is hard for even players and coaches to know what they are.

  • A baseball umpire can call a strike by throwing his hand in the air, but an NFL official must hold a yellow card in his hand while he makes the call, and only then can he throw it down. 
  • The NFL also has many more penalties than other sports, with different kinds of fouls being called all the time. In basketball, there are fewer fouls and they are all pretty much the same.

Basketball Rules:

In basketball, there are three different types of fouls: personal fouls, technical fouls, and flagrant fouls. Let’s get to the detail on why basketball is better than football:

Personal Fouls

A personal foul occurs when a player does not follow the rules of fair play or does not allow his opponent to play fairly. This includes charging another player on purpose or holding him down so he cannot move freely on offense or defense. 

Technical Fouls

Technical fouls occur when a player breaks one of the game’s unwritten rules by arguing with an official or showing poor sportsmanship by swearing at another player or coach during play. 

Flagrant Foul 

A flagrant foul occurs when a player injures someone else intentionally with excessive force or brutality.

Equipment List For Both Games

In Basketball Case

  • Basketball players do not have to wear helmets or pads, and they do not need to wear any protective equipment other than their uniforms.
  • They also do not have to wear any special cleats or shoes when they play the game.
  • The only equipment that is needed during a basketball game is the ball itself and some cones or markers to mark out the court lines, as well as a scoreboard. 
  • These items can be purchased at most sporting goods stores and will cost you very little money.

In Football Case

  • In contrast, football players have many more pieces of equipment that they must wear while playing their sport. 
  • Football helmets are made from hard plastic so they can protect the head from injury if it were hit by another player’s helmet or another hard object on the field such as a rock or tree stump. 
  • Football shoulder pads are also made from hard plastic so that they can protect the torso from injury during tackles and collisions with other players on the field who are wearing shoulder pads as well as helmets with face masks attached to them for protection against facial injuries such as broken noses and black eyes (bruises).

Basketball Is More Fun To Watch Than Football

Basketball is a game of skill, speed, and agility. You have to be able to dribble, pass and shoot the ball. It’s also a team game. Basketball is played by five players on each team and the object of the game is to score more points than your opponent by throwing or shooting the ball into the basket.


Basketball is better than football while there is no denying that basketball is a tremendous sport. Its standing in this debate will continue to be dependent upon personal preference. Many fans of both sports can find things they like and dislike about the other sport. Fans may even engage in activities such as trash talk, further adding to the rivalry between these two sports.

Ultimately, it is the fans that keep these rivalries alive; without them, ESPN and CBS Sports Networks would not devote so many hours on television or radio to reporting on stats and highlights from games. Despite all of this media attention, fans still consider their favorite sport king.

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