Do NBA Players Wear New Shoes Every Game?

Do NBA players wear new shoes every game? NBA players have the power to do anything they want on the court, but they still need to adhere to certain rules. One of those rules pertains …

do nba players wear new shoes every game

Do NBA players wear new shoes every game? NBA players have the power to do anything they want on the court, but they still need to adhere to certain rules. One of those rules pertains to sneakers: if you’re an NBA player and play a game wearing shoes that aren’t part of your team’s color palette, you’ll be fined. So why do NBA players wear new shoes every game? And what happens after they’ve played a game in their sneakers? Here’s everything we know about one important aspect of professional basketball!

do nba players wear new shoes every game

Do NBA Players Wear New Shoes Every Game For Marketing? 

As a fan, it’s natural to wonder why NBA players wear new shoes every game. After all, if you saw the same pair of shoes on your favorite player every time they stepped onto the hardwood, how would you know when they were getting comfortable in them?

One explanation is that NBA players wear different pairs of sneakers for marketing purposes—even though many are sponsored athletes who have free access to any kind of shoe they want. Some players also believe that changing up their shoes often helps prevent injury by preventing overuse and wearing down their feet.

Players Were Required To Wear Matching Shoes

In the 2013-2014 season, players were required to wear shoes. This was a rule that was passed down from the NBA’s sneaker sponsor and enforced at all games. Since then, however, it has been done away with—and players are still required to wear shoes in their team’s color palette. In other words: while they no longer have to match their kicks exactly, they’re still stuck wearing Nike or Adidas basketball sneakers every game (unless they’re rocking some Converse or Under Armour).

Players Are Free To Wear Different Sneakers

On top of that, players can wear different sneakers every game if they want! While there is still an expectation that they’ll be wearing one pair of sneakers per game instead of rotating through multiple pairs throughout a single contest, athletes are now free to stick with whichever shoe brands speak most strongly to them as individuals and professionals.

Players Comfort

It might seem like this would cause problems for teams when it comes time for postgame interviews. But luckily for us fans who appreciate seeing our favorite athletes’ unique personalities shine through on camera (and off). These guys know exactly what we want from them off the court too: stylish yet comfortable outfits.

There Is No Official Rule For Shoe Colors 

There is no official rule for shoe colors in the NBA at the moment. Players are free to wear any color they choose, but they have to pay close attention to their team’s color palette and make sure they don’t accidentally wear a different shade of yellow than their teammates. The league also encourages players to avoid shoes with reflective materials (like lights or crystals), so as not to distract from the game or cause injury by distracting other players on the floor.

Why Do NBA Players Wear New Shoes Every Game? 

The answer is simple: because they can.

Players want to look good, feel good and be comfortable. They also want to be able to move freely and play their best. More importantly, NBA players want to impress their teammates and fans with their performance on the court.

What Happens To Shoes After They’ve Been Worn In A Game?

After the game, the player’s shoes are cleaned and disinfected to remove any bacteria or germs that may have been left behind during their previous outing. They are then stored in a special container that has holes on the bottom to allow air to circulate. This prevents mold from growing on them while they sit there waiting for their next game opportunity.

Shoes Are Then Recycled 

If you ever wondered what happens to an athlete’s pair of used cleats after they’ve played in it, now you know! After sitting around waiting for another chance at glory on the court, donated shoes are often put up for auction or raffled off as part of charity events such as silent auctions held by players themselves (like Kevin Durant) or by organizations like Nike partner Gatorade who provides bottling services for many sports teams across America.

Pros And Cons Of Wearing New Shoes Every Game

Do NBA players wear new shoes every game? There are a lot of pros and cons to wearing new shoes every game. 

  • On the one hand, it’s an opportunity to advertise the players’ shoe deals and sponsorships, which are likely worth millions of dollars. 
  • It also allows players to show off their shoe brand and color in front of thousands of people at once. 
  • On the other hand, having a fresh pair of sneakers every time you take the court can be expensive for NBA players—and there aren’t many people who have enough money lying around to buy new shoes every game either.

In short: if it’s not your job (or passion) then maybe try saving up for some nice kicks instead?

The Risks of Wearing Used Sneakers 

You might think that it would be a good idea to save your shoes for the big game, but there are some risks associated with wearing used sneakers. For example:

do nba players wear new shoes every game
  • Injuries (sprained ankles, muscle tears, and more).
  • Infection (bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms can grow in sweaty shoes).
  • Fines from the NBA.
  • Embarrassment from teammates who see you wearing old sneakers.
  • Ridicule from fans on social media or at games when they realize your shoes are old and worn out.


The choice to wear new sneakers every game is a personal one. Not all players have the luxury of changing their shoes after every game, but it does seem like that’s what most players prefer. If you’re an NBA fan looking for some insight into what goes on inside the minds of professional athletes, then this article might be right up your alley!

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