How Many Triple Doubles Does Kawhi Leonard Have?

How Many Triple Doubles Does Kawhi Leonard Have? Kawhi Leonard has only ever achieved one triple-double in his career. Board Man is far ahead of him there. Kawhi Leonard may very well be the finest …

how many triple doubles does kawhi leonard have

How Many Triple Doubles Does Kawhi Leonard Have? Kawhi Leonard has only ever achieved one triple-double in his career. Board Man is far ahead of him there. Kawhi Leonard may very well be the finest player of this era, and he’s also a tremendous two-way player in league history. On the offensive end, Kawhi can not just completely shut down the opponent’s best player.

Leonard will carry out the same routine throughout the game, sans any taunting faces or raw emotions, which is truly remarkable. In more simple words, Kawhi is a stone-cold murderer. Being one of the most flexible players has really kicked off for Kawhi. At the age of 30, “Fun Guy” has amassed a pretty impressive record.

Chris Paul is a five-time All-Star, 5-time All-NBA pick, 7-time All-Defensive selection, 2-time DPOY, 2-time Champ, and 2 Forte. There isn’t much of a player who has completely shut down the 6′ 7″ forward with career averages of 19.2.

Kawhi Leonard Calls First Career Triple-Double ‘A Great Honor’

how many triple doubles does kawhi leonard have

The LA Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard scored the first triple-double of his career in Friday’s 122-117 comeback win over the Miami Heat, recording 33 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists. While handing Miami just their second home loss of the season, Leonard helped turn things around for the Clippers with 33 points, 10 boards, and 10 assists.

“It’s a big honor,” Leonard said. “But I’m more pleased with the victory. I just feel good that we were able to win tonight, even if it wasn’t easy.” Without Paul George (hamstring) and Patrick Beverley (groin), both teams struggled to get going in this one. Leonard finished strong after going 2-for-11 to start the game, scoring 17 points in the third quarter and making big shots and free throws down the stretch.

After a triple-double is announced, many people want to know how the individual managed to accomplish such an amazing feat. According to Leonard, he became aware of it at the end of the third quarter, but it was not recognized until another rebound was gained and taken away in the fourth quarter after a previous rebound had been erased.

“I think Coach Lue said, ‘Congratulations,’ going into the fourth,” Leonard recalled. “And I didn’t know what he was talking about, so he told me I’d gotten my first triple-double, and that’s when I realized.”

His teammates and coaches were shocked to learn that Leonard, in his ninth season in the NBA, had never accomplished the feat.

Curry’S Triple-Doubles Aren’t The Only Way To Combat A Bitter Pepper

Steph Curry has nine career triple-doubles. What is the total number of regular-season triple-doubles in Steph curry’s career? San Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan won the game. He came from behind and won. In-Game 1 against the Heat, Leonard recorded nine points in 23 minutes. In-game two, Leonard scored ten points in 31.5 minutes, however, it was Parker’s 21 points, Duncan’s 18 points, and Ginobili’s 19 points that paced the Spurs.


Michael Jordan holds the list for most NBA beaters of the buzzer in history. Michael Jordan, a six-time champion and perhaps the greatest basketball player ever to pick up a ball, has had nine buzzer-beaters throughout his storied career.

Has there ever been a 20-20-20 game in the NBA? Lakers, Nipsey Hussle, and more. On April 2, 2019, Westbrook Russell became the second runner in NBA history to achieve a 20 triple-double after Wilt Chamberlain ( 25 rebounds, 22 points, 21 assists) did it in 1968.

The NBA Finals 2022 Will Be Played Under The Same Rules, Plays, And Procedures

A buzzer-beating three-pointer, a last-second and-1 basket, or an alley-oop dropped in front of the home crowd are all examples of events that can change a series in the NBA playoffs.

In the NBA, we’ve seen some of the most exciting finishes in history lately. The Bulls’ victory over Miami in Game 4 of their first-round series was one such example. In terms of execution, you never know what might happen during the postgame analysis. There could be an extra rebound, a defensive stop at the other end to maintain.

With the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors set to play a best-of-three series in the NBA In the Finals, what will officials be focusing on the most? When the games are crucial, are there any new points of emphasis?

Tim MacMahon caught up with Monty McCutchen, NBA senior vice president for referee development and training, to get the X’s and O’s on challenges, whether the last-two-minute reports should be expanded, how Finals officials are picked and the protocols for taking points off the board after a review.

Frequently Asked Question

Can they overturn a call that they notice while looking for something else?

There is a significant distinction between the two. If we believe it’s an offensive foul, let’s say the referee considers it an offensive foul, and we call it a defensive foul. We can certainly get that play called correctly if it is clear and unquestionable; however, it must be related to the action. “You can’t go to see a play out of pick-and-roll and find another play that you didn’t call, like a guy pushed off in the corner, and have it called correctly. It’s just the things connected to the play that you’re disputing.”

In recent years, how have review codes changed? What is the procedure for reviewing a call?

The competition committee examines every high-profile performance. The instant replay was implemented to allow for last-second conversions. It was only a single paragraph in our rulebook at the time. It’s now 4 1/2 pages long.

The playoffs, of course, contribute to this. We observed one season and two postseasons in which we incorrectly labeled a significant number of off-ball fouls as someone was shooting owing to the fact that it’s the most important time of the year. So we added that one to help us figure out where the first illegal contact occurred since, as you know when you process a play, it’s often illegal and takes time to blow the whistle. In the meantime, let’s say that for argument’s sake the shot is in the air.

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