NBA Players Comparison: Jonas Valanciunas Vs Joel Embiid

NBA Players Comparison: Jonas Valanciunas Vs Joel Embiid. Valanciunas is a very versatile player who has been able to produce at an All-Star level for years now. He averages 11 points, 8 boards, and 2 …

NBA Players Comparison: Jonas Valanciunas Vs Joel Embiid

NBA Players Comparison: Jonas Valanciunas Vs Joel Embiid. Valanciunas is a very versatile player who has been able to produce at an All-Star level for years now. He averages 11 points, 8 boards, and 2 steals per game while shooting 57% from the field which includes 1st downs as well 3 point attempts (1st). His stats also show that he has accumulated 1470 career rebounds with 1230 on defense; making him one of those prototypical ” twins ” whose name you know even if they don’t play together – let alone dress up in their uniforms anymore! In terms of assists & turnovers–he hasn’t put too much emphasis either way.

Valanciunas is a player that has been in the league for quite some time now. He’s played 666 games and started them all while averaging 13 points per game over his 9-year career with 8,891 minutes on the court compared to 18141 total minutes played overall which makes him one of those players who can get you an extra point or two when needed most if your team needs it most!


NBA Players Comparison: Jonas Valanciunas Vs Joel Embiid

Jonas Valanciunas is a stats collection machine. The big man has been on the floor for 2,240 minutes this season and got to start in 74 contests (76%). He recorded 1,314 points while averaging 17.8 points per game along with 13 boards/36 minutes played; 5 assists per 36minutes made up his assist total too! And shoot–Jonas hit 510 shots from downtown out of 938 tries which puts him at 54%. Not bad considering he had 157ore attempts categorized by way working — talk about lights.

Joel Embiid has taken part in 328 contests during his career and gathered 10,240 minutes. He’s started Ridley games with an average score of 26 points per game while accumulating 8535 total Scorelines so far; he scores 30 points per 36 minutes-13 rebounds & 3 assists for each one hundred thirty six-minute spans throughout these matches too!

By putting balls into objectives at 49% field goal percentage (2K), Embiith sinks 389 shots from downtown which accounts for 33%. He has earned himself quite an impressive resume, with accomplishments including 285 steals and 542 blocks. He also averages 1-10 limestone quarrying per game!

But it doesn’t end there- Embiid’s not just good at basketball; he excels in all aspects of his sport too: “I am the luckiest player ever.” says Allen Iverson after winning yet another scoring title while maintaining high steal numbers (52).

NBA Players Comparison: Jonas Valanciunas Vs Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid has been one of the most dominant players in this year’s European league and he will look to continue his success when they take on Real Madrid. The starting center for Philadelphia sporting an average of 32 points per game, 12 rebounds along with 4 assists comes into tonight’s fixture against Florent Ibengo who leads all scorers with 23 points through 68 games played; it’ll be tough but if anyone can do it then surely him! What about stats?

Well, there are not too many negative ones: 2/3rds from 3pt range (66%), 573 FG made out of 732 attempts which gives us a 36%. Joel Embiid is a true force to be reckoned with on the court! The Philadelphia 76ers star has recorded 796 rebounds so far this year, mostly via grabbing 144 dimes and 650 defensive ones. He’s accumulated 28 points in total–22 coming from averaging 11 boards per game while blocking 4 shots over 27 minutes each contest. 

Joel Embiid had a rough start to the season. He injured his knee on opening night and it looked like we would have another “here we go again” moment with him as he previously missed time due to illness last year before getting hurt again this past April while playing for Warlockathrone in Argentina during pre-Anthony Davis league play where they lost against teams without any NBA players yet hired or traded by other franchises since the ALLSTAR game was played just days ago but still counts toward stats!

Jonas Valanciunas Vs Joel Embiid NBA Players

The Philadelphia 76ers’ All-Star forward didn’t let anything get between maintaining confidence inside himself though because even when things weren’t going perfectly–like early December when 3 straight games were decided within 5. Sixers center Joel Embiid has been through it all in his NBA career so far. But when asked about that first game back from an injury-filled stretch last season, he sounded confident and ready to go! “It was tough,” said the 24-year-old player after practice Thursday afternoon.

The thing with me is always believing in myself no matter what happens…I’ve never lost anything before this past year where things just seemed like they were taking their toll on how much energy or strength I had left but now it’s different because I’ve come such a long way.

The accolades for Embiid have been pouring in. He took home the scoring title, becoming just the second center since Shaquille O’Neal to average over 30 points per game while posting three different career highs along with his amazing defense that helped take down defender of year runner-up because he played only 21 games without injured All-Star guard James Harden

He was also the first international player ever to lead NBA league rankings alongside other award-winning seasons including being named MVP at both ends which are unheard of until now. 

Embiid has been able to improve his game by playing against the Toronto Raptors. The three-time All-Star credits them for making him a better playmaker, and he enjoys facing off with these tough opponents because of how challenging they are on offense while also providing some versatility in terms of sideboards which can help change up strategy when necessary

The Raps provide more than one option most nights – something that’s been rare throughout Embiid’s career so far.


Joel Embiid finally came smacking back to reality in his last game. He still finished with 51 pointers, but that was not enough for a massive payroll on Draftkings and he faded down the stretch against Milwaukee Bucks who are now up 3-2 heading into the next round after suffering a heartbreaker this past Saturday night where they lost 111 – 108 despite being 10 point favorites going into half time!

It didn’t start well either as Kanter opened up an 8 -0 lead early which looked like it might be all she wrote until E butt got involved late making some big shots including one buzzer-beater lateral somehow managing 11.

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