NBA Players Comparison: Russell Westbrook Vs Steph Curry

A comparison of Russell Westbrook vs Steph Curry are highly underappreciated. Some criticize Steph for his lacking of defense and pass-first approach, while others claim he’s nothing more than a stat-padder. To be honest, they’re …

russell westbrook vs steph curry

A comparison of Russell Westbrook vs Steph Curry are highly underappreciated. Some criticize Steph for his lacking of defense and pass-first approach, while others claim he’s nothing more than a stat-padder.

To be honest, they’re two of the most entertaining, remarkable, and skilled players in the game, and I’d love to have them on my team, regardless of what detractors or basketball purists think.

russell westbrook vs steph curry

Who would you select if you had to choose between Russell Westbrook vs Steph Curry? That’s not an easy assignment, and you’d be fantastic in any scenario. Still, for debate, let’s break this down and determine who the better of the two is.

Players Intro

Russell Westbrook G  #0Stephen Curry G  #30
Born: Nov 12, 1988 (33 years old)Born: Mar 14, 1988 (34 years old)
Nationality: United StatesNationality: United States
Height: 6-3 (191cm)     Height: 6-3 (191cm)
Weight: 200 (91kg)Weight: 193 (88kg)
Current NBA Status: Under Contract (Los Angeles Lakers)Current NBA Status: Under Contract (Golden State Warrior

Scoring Comparison: Russell Westbrook vs Steph Curry

  • Russell Westbrook does the majority of his damage from close range. 
  • He’s not a great outside shooter, but he makes up for it with his power, agility, and athleticism. 
  • He possesses an excellent mid-range game and is one of the league’s most explosive drivers and dunkers. 
  • Layups and floaters account for the majority of Curry’s inside scoring.
  • Stephen Curry is the best shooter of all time. He holds nearly all three-point shot records and is sure to smash the few that remain in no time. 
  • We’re talking about a player who attempts 11.8 three-pointers a game and makes 5.1 of them. 
  • This season, Westbrook is hitting a dismal 28 percent from deep.

Defense Comparison

  • When it comes to defensive rating (102.2), Russell Westbrook is a top-10 player right now, but Curry isn’t much of a backcourt stopper. 
  • On defense, Klay Thompson frequently checks Curry’s guy to keep him hidden. 
  • Although their career highs are identical, Curry averages 1.3 steals per game compared to Westbrook’s 1.8. (1.7 for Curry and 1.8 for Westbrook).
  • Russell Westbrook won’t hold back to make that last effort, yet he ought to.
  • All through his vocation, he’s bricked a large number of threes in time to get down to business, and his carelessness makes him make a lot of goofs in close-game situations. 
  • Curry, then again, has fabricated a vocation out of hitting blades and heartless shots, including a half-court show-stopper against Westbrook and the Thunder.

Career Statistic of Russell Westbrook vs Steph Curry

Russell Westbrook 

Russell Westbrook has played in 1,021 games throughout his career, logging 35,426 minutes. 

  • Westbrook has appeared in 1,004 games, averaging 22.8 points per game and amassing a total of 23,298 points in the process. 
  • In his pro basketball career, he averaged 23.7 points per 36 minutes while also collecting 7.7 rebounds and dishing out 8.8 assists. 
  • Westbrook has a 43.8 percent shooting percentage after completing 8,322 of his 19,005 tries. 
  • He has a 30.5 % 3pt percentage after making 1,142 of 3,746 shots from beyond the arc. He has a 47.1 percent success rate after converting 7,180 of his 15,259 two-point tries. Westbrook has made 5,512 of 7,038 free throws, for a rate of 78.3 %. 
  • He has a 46.8 percent effective FG percentage, 2,686 personal fouls, and 4,188 turnovers. 
  • Westbrook has 7,541 rebounds in his pro basketball career, including 5,851 defensive and 1,690 offensive.
  • He has 1,699 steals, 313 blocks, and 8,611 assists to his credit. In terms of per-game statistics, Westbrook averages 7.1 assists and 7.4 rebounds.

Stephen Curry

  • Curry has 5,388 assists, 1,367 steals, plus 187 rejections to his credit when it comes to producing the extra pass. 
  • He has 5.2 rebounds and 6.3 assists per game. He had a total of 3,838 rebounds in his pro basketball career, including 3,285 defense and 553 offensive. 
  • He has a 58.1% effective field goal percentage, as well as 2,598 turnovers and 1,981 fouls. Curry has a 90.8 percent free-throw percentage after hitting 3,197 of his 3,520 tries.
  • He has a 52.0 % 2 shooting percentage after hitting 3,758 of 7,230 shots. With 7,290 three-point tries in his professional basketball career, he had a shooting percentage of 42.8 %, converting 3,117 of them. 
  • Curry has a shooting percentage of 47.3 % on the floor and has converted 6,875 of his 14,520 tries. 
  • He averages 6.8 assists, 4.9 rebounds, and 25.5 points per 36 minutes. Curry has 20,064 points in his tenure, averages 24.3 points per game, and has started 820 games. 
  • Stephen Curry has played in 826 games and has accrued a total of 28,361 minutes.

NBA Championships / Seasons Stats 

Russell Westbrook

Has played 78 games and 2,678 minutes on the court. 

  • In 78 games on the floor, he has 1,441 points and an average of 18.5 points per game. 
  • In terms of per-36-minute statistics, Westbrook averages 19.4 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 7.4 assists. 
  • Westbrook has a 44.4 percent field goal percentage after making 548 of his 1,233 tries. 
  • Westbrook has made 79 of 265 three-point tries for a 29.8% three-point shooting percentage. 
  • He’s hit 469 of his 968 shots from two-point range, for a two-point percentage of 48.5 percent. 
  • Westbrook has a 66.7 % shooting rate when it comes to foul shots, having made 266 of his 399 attempts. 
  • Russell Westbrook has a 47.6% effective field goal percentage this season, has handed up the ball 295 times, and has racked up 235 fouls. Over for season,
EventsStephen CurryRussell Westbrook
NBA Championships40
NBA Seasons1314
Playoffs Played811
All-Star Games89
  • Westbrook has 580 rebounds, 110 of which are offensive and 470 of which are defensive.

Stephen Curry

Has played 2,211 minutes this season and has been selected as a starter in 64 games. 

  • He has 1,630 points and averages 25.5 points per game in 64 games played. 
  • Curry averages 26.5 points per game, 5.5 rebounds, and 6.6 assists per 36 minutes. 
  • Curry has made 535 baskets out of 1,224 tries for a 43.7 percent shooting percentage. 
  • Curry has a 38.0 percent three-point shooting percentage, completing 285 of 750 attempts.
  • His 2pt % is presently 52.7 %, having made 250 of 474 shots. 
  • Curry has converted 275 of his 298 foul line shots, giving him a 92.3 % clip. 
  • Stephen Curry has 130 infractions, as well as 206 turnovers and a 55.4 % effective field goal percentage.

Awards and Honors

Here is the awards and honors list for Russell Westbrook vs Steph Curry

EventsStephen CurryRussell Westbrook
Season MVP21
Finals MVP10
All-NBA First Team42
All-NBA Teams 89
Scoring Leader22
Assists Leader03
Steals Leader10


Russell Westbrook vs Steph Curry is a topic worth discussing. Russell Westbrook can overcome anybody in the NBA one-on-one, and he will not hold back to tell you so. Westbrook is undeniably more forceful, faster, more athletic, and a preferable safeguard over Curry. Westbrook will enjoy the benefit with regards to shooting, yet he may likewise quiet him down on separation.

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