NBA Players Comparison: Stephen Curry Vs Damian Lillard

When the playoffs are factored in, how is Stephen Curry vs Damian Lillard in terms of regular-season statistics and totality? How can we evaluate player performances throughout periods, and how does Stephen Curry’s finest season …

stephen curry vs damian lillard

When the playoffs are factored in, how is Stephen Curry vs Damian Lillard in terms of regular-season statistics and totality? How can we evaluate player performances throughout periods, and how does Stephen Curry’s finest season compare to Damian Lillard’s?

stephen curry vs damian lillard

What prizes has each player received over their career, and how do these achievements compare when weighted? Is it true that all championships are created equal? These are some of the most difficult questions to answer when attempting to answer Stephen Curry vs Damian Lillard, and we attempt to address them here.

Players Intro

Damian Lillard G  #0Stephen Curry G  #30
Born: Jul 15, 1990 (31 years old)Born: Mar 14, 1988 (34 years old)
Nationality: United StatesNationality: United States
Height: 6-2 (188cm)Height: 6-3 (191cm)
Weight: 195 (88kg)Weight: 193 (88kg)
Hand: RightHand: Right
Current Team: Portland Trail BlazersCurrent Team: Golden State Warriors
Current NBA Status: Under Contract (Portland Trail Blazers)Current NBA Status: Under Contract (Golden State Warriors)

Comparison: Scoring 

Here’s a quick rundown of Stephen Curry vs Damian Lillard:

Stephen Curry vs Damian Lillard: Who Will Score More?

Conversations about either guard must always begin with their offense, for obvious reasons. 

Curry and Lillard have both shown off refined and well-rounded attacking packages during their careers, scoring from long range, midrange, or taking it inside for an acrobatic finish.


Has a clear advantage over Lillard when it comes to shooting. While the latter is a capable shooter with his own expanded range, Stephen Curry is often regarded as the best shooter of all time for a reason

Although Lillard is expected to be exactly as good as Curry in this area, the difference is efficiency. 

According to Stathead Basketball, Curry has a 43.5 % three-point shooting %age in his career, while Lillard has a 37.3 % three-point shooting %age. The former shoots 47.6% overall on 65 % true shooting, while the latter makes 43.7 % of his field-goal attempts on 59 % true shooting.

Damian Lillard

Is a great scorer in his own right, and he is unquestionably the more accomplished and recognized player when it comes to shot creation and isolation. 

  • For a brief period after the NBA’s restart, the five-time All-Star scored at least 31 points in each game, scoring 45, 51, 61, and 42 points while making tough and contested jumpers appear routine.
  • What Steph needs in athletic capacity, he makes up for with productivity, reach, and trickiness, which opens up additional open doors for the Golden State offense at whatever point he’s on the floor — a characteristic that doesn’t show up on the detail sheet at the end of the day adds to a group’s prosperity in all-out mode end, as confirmed by the strength of Golden State’s hostile assault.

Comparison: Defense

Each player has been noted for their defense throughout their careers, and neither has a large effect on this end of the court. 

  • Over his career, Curry has averaged 1.7 steals and a sixth of a block a game.
  • Lillard’s stats aren’t much better, with one steal and a third of a block per game through eight seasons in the league.

To put it simply, their defensive ratings are similarly awful, which is typical for point guards who prioritize scoring.

  • In the 2019-20 season, Curry limited defensive matchups to an appalling 52.9 percent shooting on a 113.4 defensive rating, while Lillard limited his to a solid 46.4 percent shooting on a 117.1 defensive rating.
  • Curry’s defense FG % was substantially higher the year before during his last full season in the NBA when he had an overall defensive FG percentage of 44.9 percent. 
  • Curry earned a defensive point of 105.8 that season, compared to Lillard’s 107.9.
  • Given the dissimilarity in power and speed, Lillard can get past screens significantly better compared to Curry, notwithstanding the last’s defensive IQ that has been exhibited in earlier years inside the Warriors’ group safeguard.

On this side of the court, it’s a shot in the dark, yet Dame Time wins the cake for this essayist because of his athletic edge, yet not overwhelmingly.

Awards and Honors

EventsStephen CurryDamian Lillard
Season MVP20
Finals MVP10
All-NBA First Team41
All-NBA Teams 86
Scoring Leader20
Rookie of The Year01
Steals Leader10

When we compare Stephen Curry’s career awards to Damian Lillard’s, we can see that Stephen Curry has 6 accolades to Damian Lillard’s 1. Stephen Curry has three championships, two regular-season MVP awards, and one scoring title, whereas Damian Lillard has won the Rookie of the Year award.

Stephen Curry has won three championships; statistically, winning one title is more common, but just 38 players in NBA history have won more than three championships.

Career Statistic 

Other than the plain boxscore statistics, the advanced statistical categories provide a more in-depth study of Stephen Curry vs. Damian Lillard’s figures, allowing us to analyze each player’s talents and production, as well as their relative contribution to their teams.

NBA Championships / Seasons Stats 

EventsStephen CurryDamian Lillard
NBA Championships40
NBA Seasons1310
Playoffs Played88
All-Star Games86

While looking at both Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard’s regular-season profession information, we can see that Stephen Curry leads in the measurable categories:

  • Value Over Replacement Player
  • Box Plus-Minus
  • True Shooting %,
  • Player Efficiency Rating, 
  • Turnovers, Steals Assists, 
  • Defensive Rebounds And Offensive Rebounds
  • Free-Throw %
  • Effective Field Goal %
  • Two Point % And Three Point %
  • Field-Goal %

Damian Lillard leads the statistical categories of win share, usage %, points, blocks, minutes played, and games played. Overall, Stephen Curry stands out in 19 compared to Damian Lillard’s 7 points.

Pre Season Comparison

Stephen curry vs Damian Lillard has the same amount of turnovers, blocks, and two-pointers made, but Damian Lillard has the advantage in win share, usage %, Player Efficiency Rating, minutes played, points, assists, free throws, three-pointers made, minutes played, and the game played statistical categories. Overall, Stephen Curry appears in 20 of the games, compared to Damian Lillard’s 23.

stephen curry vs damian lillard
 2021 StatsDamian Lillard’s Stephen Curry       
Field Goals Made222535
Field Goals Att5521,223
Field Goals %.402.437
Three Points Made92285
Three Points Att284748
Three Points %.324.381
Free Throws Made159275
Free Throws Att181298
Free Throws %.879.923
Offensive Rebound1334


Given all of this, picking a clear winner in Stephen curry vs Damian Lillard, who have established themselves as obvious frontrunners in the league’s point guard group, is tough. However, Steph Curry is the superior player, although by a slim margin. Curry’s all-world range combined with his off-ball mobility, as previously discussed, provides a plethora of options for a Golden State attack that is already dangerous.

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