What Is A Triple-Double In Basketball

What is a triple-double in basketball? A triple-double is a player’s performance of recording a triple-double in a single game, which is one of the most incredible achievements on the court. The term “triple-double” has …

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What is a triple-double in basketball? A triple-double is a player’s performance of recording a triple-double in a single game, which is one of the most incredible achievements on the court.

The term “triple-double” has been quite popular among basketball fans.

What exactly does it imply if you don’t know? That’s all we’re going to talk about today. Even if you’re already acquainted with the description, there will be interesting historical facts as well as amusing facts for you to chuckle over.

What Is A Triple-Double In Basketball, And How Do You Achieve One?

Triple-doubles are an incredible achievement, and while they usually represent a player who has one, they are merely the result of outstanding performance statistics across the board.

what is a triple double in basketball

A basketball player may record a triple-double if they score 10 points, grab 10 rebounds, dish out 10 assists, swipe ten steals, and block ten shots in a game.

So, what makes this statistic fascinating is that it can happen in a variety of ways depending on the categories that exceed double digits.

A point guard may rack up more points, assists, and steals while a big center would usually score double-digits in points, rebounds, and blocked shots to produce a double-double.

The Five Statistical Categories That Aid In The Construction Of A Triple Double

To know what is a triple-double in basketball, we need to consider this. To properly define them, we must first be acquainted with the fundamentals of basketball statistics. Every game and league in basketball is tracked by five important numbers: points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals.

The metrics should be clear, yet the NBA did not incorporate all of them at once.

The first statistics were kept in the 1930s and 1940s, with the earliest tallies of assists, which were first tracked during the 1946 season, and rebounds, which debuted four years later, being proof of this.

The most recent defensive statistics are blocks and steals, which were both first introduced in 1973/74.

A triple-double occurs when a player scores a double-digit total in three primary statistical areas in one game.

On April 14, 1985, Magic Johnson set an NBL record with 23 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists against the New York Nets. The term first appeared in print in the Los Angeles media in the 1990s, when they referred to what Magic Johnson did on the court in the 1980s.

What Is The Most Frequently Used Procedure For A Triple-Double?

Points, assists, and rebounds are the most frequent three-doubles because they are generally easier to fill up than blocks or steals. This does not negate the fact that other categories may be found in a triple-double.

Hassan Whiteside, on the other hand, has four triple-doubles in his career, all of which have been composed of points, rebounds, and blocks.

A triple-double has been accomplished by at least one player with no points. In February of 2017, Draymond Green had 10 assists, 12 rebounds, and 10 steals against the Grizzlies, as shown in the graph below. His incredible performance is the only time a triple-double has been achieved in NBA history.

Is There Only One “Double” Category?

What is a triple-double in basketball? In a nutshell, no. The term “double-double” has undoubtedly passed your lips at least once. On the other hand, a triple-double entails double digits in three of four statistical categories during a single game.

That is especially true, owing to the fact that many players have now completed the season with a double-double, making it an increasingly popular accomplishment.

what is a triple-double in basketball

The term “double-double” refers to a player’s accomplishments in the same game: points, rebounds, assists, and steals. The term “all-around effort” refers to obtaining 15 or more assists in one game. In NBA history, only 4 players have accomplished it.

The five greatest basketball players ever to play the game are Alvin Robertson, Nate Thurmond, David Robinson, and Hakeem Olajuwon.

Finally, there’s the quintuple-double idea, which has only been completed in female high school basketball games. Chamberlain is also said to have recorded a quintuple double while playing for the Philadelphia 76ers on March 18, 1968, according to reports.

However, because no one was keeping track of steals and blocks at the time, we can’t be sure that this occurred. As a result, the first quintuple-double in an NBA game remains ahead of us.

The Most Career Triple-Doubles Of All-Time By NBA Players

After pondering over what is a triple-double in basketball, you must understand that the triple-double leaderboard includes players from a wide range of positions and levels, with many of them being “all-around,” which means they excel at several aspects of the game.

That is why, despite their reputations as great scorers, you won’t find Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan in the top 10.

Why Are Triple-Doubles So Much More Prevalent In The NBA Than In Other Sports?

Another is the game’s popularity. There are a number of reasons for this. The NBA uses 12-minute quarters instead of 10, which makes the individual performance much more apparent in comparison to other basketball leagues such as the EuroLeague or any other foreign league.

what is a triple double in basketball

Triple-doubles, on the other hand, were previously uncommon in the NBA; however, they are becoming more frequent. What is a triple-double in basketball? What caused this significant change? The answer is that the game has become too fast.

The term “pace” refers to a statistic that estimates the number of controls a team performs each game. The pace has increased significantly in recent years, with the fastest basketball we’ve seen in the last 20, according to some experts.

The 2019/20 season’s average speed is 100.2, the highest since the 1988/89 campaign. With more opportunities, players are able to put up numbers more easily.

Is There Any Record Of Someone Ever Averaging A Triple-Double For An Entire Year?

Yes, and it was two players! In the 1961-62 season, the first player to average a triple-double was Oscar Robertson, accumulating 41 triple-doubles. There was no indication that another player would reach this milestone again after him.

Russell Westbrook made a huge splash in 2016/17, averaging a triple-double and breaking John Wooden’s record with 42 trebles. UCLA player Louis Westaway was instrumental in ending Woodrow Wilson’s reign as president of Princeton University.

He won the MVP award in his first season and went on to average a triple-double for three years running.

Triple-doubles are becoming more frequent, and we’re seeing more of them than we’ve ever seen in the history of the game. It’s probably only a matter of time before a few new faces join the select group of players who have averaged a triple-double for an entire season.

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