What Number Did Wilt Chamberlain Wear?

Wilt Chamberlain was one of the most dominant players to ever play the game of basketball. Standing at a monstrous 7 feet tall and weighing 270 pounds, he was also one of the biggest players …

what number did wilt chamberlain wear

Wilt Chamberlain was one of the most dominant players to ever play the game of basketball. Standing at a monstrous 7 feet tall and weighing 270 pounds, he was also one of the biggest players in NBA history. Despite being so big, Wilt had some of the quickest feet on the court—often leaving his opponents in his dust. He led the league in those statistical categories numerous times throughout his career and is widely considered one of the greatest centers to have ever played basketball. If you’re a fan of Wilt, then you will love this article! What number did Wilt Chamberlain wear and what was his basketball life journey?

Who Is Wilt Chamberlain?

Most basketball fans have at least heard of Wilt Chamberlain at one point in their lives. He was a legendary player who dominated the game of basketball during his time as a player. Wilt is often referred to as the greatest basketball player of all time. Whether or not he deserves that title, he is definitely in the conversation. There are a few things that make Wilt stand out among the rest of the great players in NBA history.

First of all, he was an extremely tall player. He was the tallest player to ever play in the NBA, standing at 7 feet and 1 inch tall. Wilt was incredibly strong for his size as well, regularly lifting weights with other NBA players. Additionally, he was also a very intelligent player. Wilt was a very intelligent player on the court as well. He was able to use his size and strength to get to the basket, and he possessed some of the quickest feet that the NBA has ever seen. His combination of size, strength, speed and basketball intelligence make him a truly special player.

what number did wilt chamberlain wear

Wilt Chamberlain’s Personal Life

Like many other basketball players, Wilt Chamberlain only played a few seasons in high school before moving on to college. Although he was a very talented basketball player, his grades weren’t very good, and he didn’t graduate from high school until he was almost 30 years old. Since he didn’t graduate from high school, Wilt didn’t receive any offers from NCAA schools, even though he was one of the most talented basketball players in the country.

Instead of playing college basketball, Wilt decided to join the Harlem Globetrotters, where he played for several years. While Chamberlain was with the Globetrotters, he met a young woman named Bess system who he would end up marrying and staying with for the rest of his life. Bess and Wilt had one child together, but sadly, the child died when they were both very young.

Basketball Journey Of Wilt Chamberlain

After a few years with the Globetrotters, Wilt decided that it was time to move on to the next level, so he joined the Philadelphia Warriors of the NBA. He played with the Warriors for a few years before he was traded to the New York Knicks. At the time, the Knicks were a very good team that had won two consecutive championships. Wilt joined the team and helped them win another championship. It’s their third in a row.

After two years with the Knicks, Wilt was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. After just one season with the 76ers, Wilt decided that he wanted to play for a team that had a legitimate chance of winning a championship. He asked for a trade and was sent to the Los Angeles Lakers, where he would spend the last three years of his playing career.

Life Of Wilt Chamberlain After His Retirement

After his playing days were over, Wilt decided to focus on his other passion in life—writing. During his years as a professional basketball player, Wilt wrote a number of insightful articles for magazines and newspapers. After retirement, he continued to write, focusing mostly on sports and social issues. Wilt also made a handful of TV and movie appearances over the years. He even hosted his own TV show, The Wilt Chamberlain Show.

Over the last few decades, Wilt was also an avid philanthropist, donating a significant amount of money to various causes. Wilt was also an avid golfer and made 50 golfing buddies during his life. He had a number of different girlfriends throughout his life, though he never married again after his first wife passed away.

What Is Special About Wilt Chamberlain?

As you can probably tell by now, there is a lot that makes Wilt special. He is one of the most dominant players to ever play the game of basketball and holds multiple records that have yet to be broken. He was a truly special athlete who was able to use his size and strength to dominate the sport of basketball in ways that nobody else could.

Wilt was also extremely intelligent for a basketball player, both on and off the court. He was a very successful businessman after his playing career and was also a philanthropist in his later years. Overall, Wilt was a very special athlete who contributed a lot to the sport of basketball.

what number did wilt chamberlain wear

What Number Did Wilt Chamberlain Wear?

There were two numbers that were particularly special to Wilt during his career. The first was 36, which was the number that Wilt wore during his years with the Warriors and the Knicks. The second was 13, which Wilt wore while playing with the 76ers and the Lakers.

Many people associate Wilt with the number 13 because of his love for the number and because he wore it while playing in Los Angeles. However, Wilt’s affinity for the number 36 goes back to his childhood, when he was a very big fan of boxer Joe Lewis, who wore that number during his boxing career.

Why Did Wilt Change Numbers?

Throughout his playing career, Wilt wore a number of different numbers, including 36 and 13. He was known for switching around numbers throughout his career, and for a long time, nobody really knew why. However, in recent years, Wilt’s family has shed some light on the reasons behind the number changes.

They have said that Wilt often switched numbers to mess with the opposing team, as teams would record his number during the game and use it when reviewing game film. Wilt’s family also says that he changed numbers because he had a lot of respect for the players who previously wore the numbers. Wilt’s goal was to honor the players who came before him, so he would switch numbers in order to show that respect.

Final Thoughts

Wilt Chamberlain is one of the most special athletes to ever live. He was an incredible basketball player and still holds a number of records to this day. He was also a very intelligent man, both on and off the court. Wilt was a true pioneer in the sport of basketball and his legacy will continue to live on for many years to come.


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