What Shoes Does Joel Embiid Wear?

What Shoes Does Joel Embiid Wear? Joel Embiid was chosen third overall in the 2014 NBA Draft by the Philadelphia 76ers, having spent his college career at Kansas University. He was a member of the …

What Shoes Does Joel Embiid Wear?

What Shoes Does Joel Embiid Wear? Joel Embiid was chosen third overall in the 2014 NBA Draft by the Philadelphia 76ers, having spent his college career at Kansas University. He was a member of the All-Rookie team and has since been recognized as an All-Star, All-Defensive, and All-NBA performer.

History Of Embiid Signature Shoes

Joel Embiid’s first sneaker deal was with Adidas in 2014, when he was a rookie. Before playing a single NBA game, all of the top seven members of that class except Aaron Gordon signed a shoe contract. He missed the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 seasons due to injuries before being able to put on the company’s sneakers for the 2016-2017 season.

On 30th September 2018, he became a sneaker-free agent when he parted with Adidas and signed with Under Armour (UA) shortly thereafter. Though the terms of the contract were not revealed, Joel was the NBA’s highest-paid center after signing for five years. Jamal Crawford said that he picked the Baltimore-based brand because they enable him to go beyond basketball and provide others with chances, just like Luc Mbah a Moute did for him when he was young at one of Luc’s basketball clinics.

The Under Armour Embiid 1 was announced in August 2020 and became available that year.

Under Armour Embiid 1 Shoes

The Under Armour Embiid 1 was a rather underwhelming performance for me. The traction and cushion are excellent, but the lockdown wings provide a level of protection that is appreciated. For a signature model, materials could be better, but the performance was enough. 

A good all-around shoe that any player can wear. The Sixers had a terrible 2021 season, there is no doubting it, but Joel Embiid was balling. The 7-foot center averaged 29 points per game while also contributing 10 rebounds and 1 block. Embiid was selected to the All-NBA team, the All-NBA second team, and finished runner-up in MVPP for the year. 

The Embiid 1 was a standout for the season, but it did not gain as much popularity as other models. The shoe’s appearance was uninspiring, and there were not many different colors to choose from. There were a few distinctive looks, but the Philadelphia Sixers colorways and the Gold Rush colorway, in particular, stood out.

Joel Embiid

On 14th January 2020, it was confirmed that Joel Embiid will be the next Under Armour player to get a signature shoe. The Under Armour Embiid 1, which was revealed in August 2020, makes Embiid one of the NBA’s few big men to have his own sneaker.

In October 2018, Embiid signed an endorsement agreement with Under Armour that will last for multiple years. During this time, he’s been seen wearing the HOVR Havoc style from UA. Prior to his Adidas deal, Embiid had been sponsored by the Three Stripes throughout his injury-prone early years. The Adidas Mad Bounce and the Adidas Light Em Up 2 were among the low-cost models that encouraged him to show off his shoes.

When asked if he could consider signing a contract with Lonzo Ball’s Big Baller Brand, Joel Embiid responded that it would take $1 billion. Following a $10,000 penalty for using inappropriate language in the direction of LaVar Ball on Instagram Live, Embiid made this comment.

Joel Embiid’s Under Armour Embiid One Shoes 

What Shoes Does Joel Embiid Wear?

Joel Embiid joined Under Armour in 2018 and had not seen “the process” lead to the release of his first signature shoe until 2020. The Under Armour Embiid One has Micro G cushioning in the forefoot for a quicker response time. Joel is used to wearing Under Armour’s Anatomix Spawn line, which features Micro G cushioning.

Under Armour’s HOVR cushion is used in the heel for extra energy return. This was featured on Embiid’s previous HOVR sneaker, the HOVR Havoc 2. After September 18th, 2020, you may purchase Joel Embiid’s Under Armour Embiid One sneaker from Dick’s Sporting Goods or StockX.

Characteristics Of Joel Embiid Shoes

He was wearing the HOVR Havoc line from UA before getting his own brand, which featured the most up-to-date cushioning. Both were strong performers, providing court feel and stability while also being comfortable and light. They did not excel at anything in particular, but they did not fail at everything either.

The Embiid 1’s traction was good throughout the majority of the indoors. The remainder of the outsole, even if there were some minor falls here and there, was sticky enough to catch one’s slide. Outside users, on the other hand, reported that it had even better traction than previous versions.

With its introduction in his signature shoe, we may only guess how Joel felt about HOVR. The midsole is composed of full-length Micro G, one of Under Armour’s most well-known cushioning systems, with a piece of HOVR in the heel. It was soft enough to allow one player on the court without experiencing dead-feeling feet, yet sturdy enough so that the shoe does not collapse. The cushion is appropriate for a big guy like Embiid and the average person.

The Embiid 1 is a mid-top shoe with a full mesh upper, fuse overlays on high-wear regions for extra durability and protection, and a forefoot cage on each of the lateral sides for confinement. The cost is modest at $120. There is not currently an alternative to the Embiid line from UA.

Joel Embiid Unveils The First Signature In Armour Sneaker

The UA Embiid One Origin colorway will be available on UA.com, Eastbay.com, and UA Brand Houses on September 18 in North America. The global availability will take place on October 2nd. In the coming weeks, Under Armour plans to disclose additional technical and design information for the new footwear as well as future colors.

With the debut of his second signature shoe, Embiid becomes the fifth player on Under Armour’s list of NBA talent following Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry. 

In the weeks ahead, Joel Embiid will have his work cut out for him in Orlando as the Sixers continue to pursue a playoff run in the NBA Bubble. With Ben Simmons ruled out due to a knee ailment, it is up to Joel Embiid until further notice. While the new shoe’s pattern does not scream Sixers, it does suggest lighting a fire under Embiid. We can only hope he reaches another plateau this postseason.

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