What Shoes Does Nikola Jokic Wear?

What shoes does Nikola Jokic wear? Shoes are one of the most important aspects of any NBA player’s career. Not only do they require appropriate footwear to assist them on the court every night, but …

What Shoes Does Nikola Jokic Wear?

What shoes does Nikola Jokic wear? Shoes are one of the most important aspects of any NBA player’s career. Not only do they require appropriate footwear to assist them on the court every night, but brand agreements may also take them to the next level. A great sneaker, at the top, can go a long way. This will provide a unique look into his play style and perhaps inspire you to try on some sneakers that you could wear in your own life.


Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. The appropriate footwear is critical in the game since it is the only equipment a player has during play. Manufacturers have taken advantage of basketball’s popularity to create hundreds of pairs of shoes for players. To the delight of players, shoes come in a variety of designs, cushioning, sizes, pricing, and style. Some feel that basketball sneakers are costly and unneeded, while others prioritize their significance. Basketball shoes are important for a variety of reasons.

Basketball shoes guarantee your toes are safe while also offering cushioning, adaptability, and speed. They assist you in executing your moves properly by giving support, versatility, and speed. The expense of basketball footwear pales in comparison to the discomfort and suffering caused by a poor shoe type. Choose quality when buying basketball footwear; it’s not a fashion show after all. You won’t become a pro just because you have the right shoes; you must train and practice your craft.

With the 41st pick in the 2014 NBA draft, the Denver Nuggets selected Nikola Jokic. He signed his first professional NBA contract in July 2015 and can already look forward to an All-Rookie Team nod and a Rio Olympics silver medal, thanks to his performance with the Serbian squad during the summer of 2016.

Joker’s Shoes and Sneakers

The famous NBA player might be nicknamed Joker but Nikola Jokic is no stranger to flashy footwear. His personal preference when it comes to basketball shoes, however, is no joke. Nikola Jokic of Serbia has been seen on the court in a variety of Nike Hyperdunks.

Some individuals requested to see the sneakers of some of the Nuggets’ top players not long ago inside the team’s locker room. While Torrey Craig, the team’s small forward, went through a total of 33 pairs of sneakers, quiet and withdrawn Nicola, on the other hand, showed off only three — one of which he acknowledged he had just purchased that day. He might be modest yet his Nike contract is anything but so.

Nikola Jokic is a huge fan of Nike, and he has been seen wearing a number of the company’s shoes. The Denver Nuggets center/power forward enjoys the shoe manufacturer’s line of footwear, particularly the Hyperdunk series. Nikola Jokic has worn Nike Hyperdunk X, Hyperdunk 2016, and Hyperdunk 2017 while playing basketball. He’s also worn Nike Zoom Rize while playing basketball.

A Fantastic Bargain

Given his enormous accolades and general appeal, it’s no surprise that Nike is his brand of choice. Unsurprisingly, given his stature in the game, he is signed to a corporation. While the details of the contract are murky, and no specific dollar amounts are known, it’s reasonable to assume that his debut with the industry behemoth involved a large sum approaching or exceeding a million dollars.

He doesn’t, however, have his own signature shoe, unlike many other athletes. That’s significant because it influences what he wears on the court every night. Many athletes like to wear their own designs or at least flaunt them when they are first released. Because Jokic does not have his own model, he just goes with Nike as a whole.

Is Nike All for Nikola?

Before his contract, Nikola Jokic was a huge Nike fan. Throughout the early years of his career in the league, he donned several sneakers with bright colors. He also has a strong preference for higher sneakers that let him plant firmly while moving around the court. That tendency remained consistent as his time in the league advanced. The big man liked the Nike Air Zoom G.T. Jump, as well as Zoom Rize and Hyperdunk Silhouettes, throughout his career.

The Joker stayed with Nike after the agreement was completed. He now wears various versions based on his mood. Due to the durable construction and sticky sole, he really liked the Zoom Rize 2 for the 2020-2021 season. This year, he’s worn the Rize, Nike G.T Jump, and Zoom shoes as well. It doesn’t appear that he’s planning to change anytime soon because all three shoes have aided him on the court.

Game Being The Motive

Shoes are chosen for a variety of reasons by every player. Jokic wears Nike shoes due to their durability and solidity because they’re beyond the contract. 

He prefers power-focused sneakers, unlike many slimmer designs. They provide a lot of grips and enable him to plant firmly. His robustness at his feet is one of the main reasons why he’s able to play as big as he does. He doesn’t fall victim to being pushed around or kept out of the paint easily, and the shoes he wears reflect his style of play.

Jokic’s Sequel Shoe 

What Shoes Does Nikola Jokic Wear?

The Nike Zoom Rize 2 is Nikola Jokic’s anticipated sneaker for the 2020-21 NBA season. The primary feature of the Zoom Rize 2 is the significant Zoom Air unit in the forefoot. When running and landing, this bouncy component provides a lot of energy return. The textured print on the fabric upper adds extra durability to it. For enhanced traction, the design is inspired by the all-time classic Nike Kobe 9, which was as grippy as can be on hardwood floors.

The Joker logo, which is distinctive for Nike and features on Jokic’s PEs, appears on this shoe.

Strong and Powerful

Shoes are everything for some athletes. While Jokic isn’t one to place a lot of value on his boots, what he wears has a big impact on his game. Anything strong and powerful is always preferable to light and breathable. 

While the large guy does not have a sneaker deal yet, his recent MVP season indicates that he has the ability to obtain one. He’ll have to wait until his current contract expires before receiving his own sneaker, but there’s little doubt that day will arrive when it does come.

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