Who Is Lebron James Dad?

Did you know who is Lebron James dad? His name is not Michael Jordan, and he didn’t play in the NBA. His story is far more interesting than that. Lebron James’ dad is a man …

who is lebron james dad

Did you know who is Lebron James dad? His name is not Michael Jordan, and he didn’t play in the NBA. His story is far more interesting than that. Lebron James’ dad is a man named Anthony McClelland. Learn more about Lebron James’ dad in this article.

LeBron James is the best basketball player of this generation, and it’s not even close. He came into NBA as an 18-year-old phenom with all expectations on his shoulders that were proved. This story doesn’t end here, though, but who is Lebron James dad!

So, Who Is Lebron James Dad?

On December 30, 1984, James was born to the girl Gloria Marie James. His father, Anthony McClelland, had an extensive criminal record and wasn’t involved in his life at all. It made him grow up fast and not have any stability.

who is lebron james dad

It’s unclear what happened between them, but, likely, he wasn’t too involved in raising him because there are no photographs or videos depicting both parents together during this time. Throughout LeBron’s childhood, Anthony was arrested due to Arson and theft.

Lebron James Dad Early Life

Anthony McClelland is a mystery man because his former girlfriend and son refuse to reveal too much about him. However, he was also involved with Gloria James when she had LeBron.

Though not an ideal way at first glance, McD’s official charges were never paid for child support, leaving her on her own during this time. He has since been convicted several times, which doesn’t paint quite such picture-perfect visions either.

LeBron grew up without a father, but he had two incredible women in his life: His mother, Gloria LeBron, and a grandmother named Freda James, who took care of him when no one else would. James doesn’t have any memories with McClelland; they don’t share the same surname.

Anthony McClelland Children

LeBron James is not the only one to suffer from being left parentless. As it turns out, McClelland also had a son with another woman named Aaron and grew up without his parents around him. 

From what we can gather, it seems like Anthony McClelland is nothing more than a deadbeat dad who’s chosen to abandon his responsibilities as a father.  He’s failed LeBron James, and he’s failed Aaron as well.

Anthony McClelland Career

McClelland’s early life is a mystery, but we can assume it didn’t earn him much money. His criminal career began at an early age. He headed down the wrong path, so he likely could not make any money due to this alignment failure on his part.

Physical Resemblance Of Anthony McClelland And Lebron James

LeBron James has never seen his father’s face, but many people have commented that they share a physical resemblance. They both have chiseled features and an athletic build. It’s incredible how LeBron looks like his dad, even though they have never met.

McClelland may not be involved in the lives of Lebron James and his brother Aaron, but they take after their father when it comes to looks. Though there is no denying that these two boys closely resemble each other due to striking similarities

People might think twice before assuming they’re twins even though one has a different mother than the other because who knows what could happen?

Is Anthony McClelland Lebron James Dad?

Who Is Lebron James Dad?

Lebron James’ biological father has been a topic of discussion for many years. Different names have come up when discussing this man, including an attorney known as Bryce Stovell, who sued King James for 4 million dollars claiming he was their son.

The guy said that at 29-years old, during his relationship with a 15-year-old girl named Gloria, whom LeBron’s mother went on to marry after catching them together one night in 1981. Later on, the DNA test believed that these were just rumors and false claims.

Anthony McClellan believed there must be a relationship between them because they shared so many physical characteristics, such as nose shape/size, etc.

What Kind Of Relationship Do Lebron James And His Father Have Today?

LeBron James, known as the King of basketball and arguably one if not its most successful player, has a father who few know about. Anthony McClelland abandoned his partner when she was just 16-years old, pregnant with their only son LeBron (not including any other children from previous relationships).

Anthony’s love for his son was not reciprocated throughout the years. He tried rekindling their relationship in 2002, but nothing much came of it.  He is also the father of a second child who was abandoned – named Aaron McClelland Gamble.

LeBron has never tried to contact his father, and he doesn’t seem interested in pursuing a relationship with him. He has said that he forgives his father for not being there, but he doesn’t want anything to do with him.

It’s understandable why LeBron would feel this way. He was abandoned by his father and raised by two strong women who loved him unconditionally. He doesn’t need his father in his life, and he’s doing just fine without him.

Lebron James Mother’s Role In His Life

Now you know who is Lebron James dad, but what about his mother’s role! He had a hard life growing up, but thanks to his mom and other family members who helped out during those times.  It wasn’t easy, but he made it through. LeBron’s mom is a strong woman who has always been there for him.

who is lebron james dad

She has been his biggest supporter and has always believed in him. She is the one who encouraged him to pursue his dream of playing in the NBA. And she has always been there for him, and he knows that he can always count on her.

Final Words: Who Is Lebron James Dad?

Now that you know all about Who Is Lebron James Dad? Anthony McClelland has never been a part of his life. We also know that he is a successful man who doesn’t need his father in his life.

He has a strong relationship with his mom, and he is doing just fine without his father. As it’s clear who Lebron James’s dad is, let’s find out where he lives? Also, look at how much NBA Refs make and how many kids Shaq has!

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