Who Is The Oldest Player In The Nba?

Do you know who is the oldest player in the NBA? There are quite a few players over the age of 35 still playing in the NBA today. So, what’s the secret to their longevity? …

who is the oldest player in the nba

Do you know who is the oldest player in the NBA? There are quite a few players over the age of 35 still playing in the NBA today. So, what’s the secret to their longevity? And how do they continue to perform at such a high level? Let’s take a closer look.

Who Is The Oldest Player In The Nba History?

who is the oldest player in the nba

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a professional basketball league in North America. Old NBA players are an inspiration for field players and NBA fans. Let’s see who is the oldest player in the NBA history:

Nat Hickey

  • Date Of Birth: 30 Jan 1902

It is said that Nat Hickey is not only on the list but the oldest player in the NBA of all time. He was also a coach for Steamrollers during their 1947-48 season. And turned into an athlete who played the position as the team warmed up at 4 – 25. However, he still had a strong spirit when recording this record 73 years later.

Robert Parish

  • Date Of Birth: 30 Aug 1953

Robert “The Chief” Parish is one of the most well-known players in NBA history, having played for four different teams over an 11-year career. His first three teams were all located within Boston.

He began with The Warriors and later moved on to play alongside Larry Bird before settling down at center court, where he spent 14 seasons total–winning three championships while earning 14 All-Star appearances alongside Kevin Mchale as part of what many consider ‘the big 3’.

Kevin Willis

  • Date Of Birth: 6 Sep 1962

Kevin Willis is a Hall of Fame player who enjoyed an NBA career lasting ten years before retiring at 44. He was selected 11th in the 1984 draft by Atlanta Hawks, with his first-team being also located there-and. He spent most parts during the time playing for them.

After moving around quite often between teams such as San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, etc., Kevin finally won 1st title ever under those circumstances – scoring 2 points per game on average while assisting others.

So, Who Is The Oldest Player In The Nba Playing Actively?

who is the oldest player in the nba

When it comes to professional basketball, age is just a number. While the average NBA player is around 26 years old, many players are 35 and older. Now let’s find who is the oldest player in the NBA playing Actively:

Udonis Haslem

  • Date Of Birth: 9 June 1980

Udonis Haslem is among the old pals still playing in NBA today, having signed with Miami as a free agent in 2003. He’s also spent more time here than anyone else – over 12 years! His peak was during

In the Big 3 era, he played heavily for two seasons and helped bring home two championships. Over five recent campaigns, though, Udonis has notched up just 45 games; his role these days mainly involves helping out behind the scenes as an assistant coach would do!

Andre Iguodala

  • Date Of Birth: 28 Jan 1984

For Andre Iguodala, there’s never been a shortage of challenges. A star since joining the 76ers in 2004 and winner of three NBA championships with Golden State (2015), he pocketed $170 million during his career.

Not bad for someone who only started playing when they were 15 years old! And now that this final season is coming to an end after 13 long years away from Philadelphia?

Well, you can bet your bottom dollar. We’ll be seeing plenty more LeBron-style moves off Investing Street as The Finals MVP looks ahead at next week’s Joint Auction Authority meeting. It will finally become known whether Miami’s newest teammate has joined!

Lebron James

  • Date Of Birth: 30 Dec 1984

LeBron James is still going strong, with 18 seasons under his belt and four championships to show for it. People thought he would slow down after reaching the NBA Finals MVP three times in 17 consecutive appearances.

But no one can deny how much influence “King” has had on our game today. Nobody doubts why Michael Jordan called LeBron “The greatest player ever” when they were just getting started!

Chris Paul

  • Date Of Birth: 6 May 1985

The 16-year NBA veteran has become one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. He grew up and developed his solid athletic.

And sit is even before entering the professional league with New Orleans Hornet’s franchise (2005). Currently, Chris Paul is wearing a Phoenix jersey after joining them just last year!

Carmelo Anthony

  • Date Of Birth: 29 May 1984

The 2003 NBA draft was a historic event for basketball fans, as it featured one of the most iconic players in history. And it’s before joining up (and later leaving) Houston Rockets during this past sea.

He played only ten games before being asked to leave by OKC Thunder management, who were unhappy over how things went down between them, essentially being fired from their team!

who is the oldest player in the nba

Carmelo Anthony is one of the most well-known and successful players in NBA history. His 12 All-Star Teams speak volumes about his place as a perennial candidate for MVP, but what he’s done on an individual level maybe even more impressive.

Paul Millsap

  • Date Of Birth: 10 Feb 1985

On the road to stardom, Millsap was always ready for any challenge. He played three different teams over 15 seasons and managed four All-Star appearances in that time frame! Not bad, considering how much emphasis is put on defensive play these days.

Final Words

So it’s clear who is the oldest player in the NBA. Now that you know all there is to know about this record holder, it will be interesting to see how long he can keep up his impressive streak!

Age is just a number for old active and retired NBA players. As you now know all aspects of who is the oldest player in the NBA, so let’s look at who is Lebron James’ dad and where does he live? And why not find the worst player in the NBA and who owns NBA!

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