Who Was The Tallest Basketball Player?

Throughout the years, there have been many tall in basketball, but who was the tallest basketball player? That title goes to Manute Bol, a staggering 7 feet, 7 inches tall player! He played in the …

who was the tallest basketball player

Throughout the years, there have been many tall in basketball, but who was the tallest basketball player? That title goes to Manute Bol, a staggering 7 feet, 7 inches tall player! He played in the NBA for 10 seasons, and most people knew him for his impressive shot-blocking skills. This blog post will take a closer look at Manute Bol’s life and career. We will also discuss why he was such a towering figure in basketball. Stay tuned!

The Life of Manute Bol

Manute Bol was the first player from Sudan to play in NBA games, and he did so while being one of few African nations represented at any level of competition. He played for both North Carolina A&T University and Bridgeport College before entering intoPRO basketball following his junior year with an impressive list of career stats that include 880 kills under 1 thousand points alongside 3100 rebounds!

Bol’s NBA Career

In 1985, Manute Bol was drafted by the Washington Bullets in the second round of the NBA Draft. He would play for several teams during his ten-year career, including the Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers, and Miami Heat. During his time in the league, he became known as one of the best shot blockers ever. He still holds the record for most blocks in a single season!

The skills that Manute Bol possessed made him a unique player. He was an excellent shot-blocker, but he was also a decent three-point shooter. He is one of only six players in NBA history to make more than 100 three-pointers while also blocking more than 700 shots!

The Legacy of Manute Bol

who was the tallest basketball player

Manute Bol’s career came to an end in 1995, but his legacy lives on. He was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2008. Since then, his number has been retired by the University of Bridgeport. He is also remembered for his work off the court. Bol was a dedicated philanthropist who worked tirelessly to improve the lives of others.

What is more, he was also one of the tallest players in NBA history! At seven feet, seven inches, Manute Bol towered over his opponents. He used his height to his advantage on the court, and it is one of the things that all basketball lovers remember him for.

Manute Bol’s legacy continues today – he is remembered not only as one of the best shot blockers ever but also as a dedicated philanthropist who worked hard to improve the lives of others. What an amazing man! Typically, all we can say is that this fantastic basketball player left a legendary legacy. May his soul rest in peace.

Why Was Manute Bol So Tall?

There are several theories about why Manute Bol was so tall. One theory is that he had a condition known as acromegaly, which causes excessive growth hormone production. Another theory is that he came from a family of tall people. Regardless of the reason, there’s no denying that Manute Bol was an extremely tall man!

At just over seven feet tall, Manute Bol was one of the tallest basketball players. He enjoyed a successful career in the NBA, and everyone will always remember him as one of the best shot blockers.

How was Manute Bol The Greatest Resource For His Team?

Manute Bol’s height gave him a huge advantage over other players on the court. His tall frame allowed him to block shots and grab rebounds with ease. Additionally, his height made him an intimidating player who opposing teams had difficulty playing against. Manute Bol was truly a unique player and an invaluable resource for his team!

After Basketball

Manute Bol’s basketball career may have ended, but he has still impacted the world. He is remembered for his time in the NBA and his work as a philanthropist. His legacy continues to inspire people today!

Was Manute Bol Married?

Manute Bol was married to Ajok Deng, who is also from Sudan. The couple had seven children together. Manute Bol’s wife, Ajok Deng, is a human rights activist who has worked to improve people’s lives in Sudan. They met while Manute Bol played basketball in Sudan and married soon after.

Manute Bol’s Children

Manute Bol had seven children with his wife, Ajok Deng. His oldest son, Manute Bol Jr., played college basketball at the University of Connecticut and is now a professional player. His other children include Madut, who is a model, and Abraham, who is an actor.

What Was Manute Bol’s Net Worth?

At his death, Manute Bol’s net worth was estimated to be $500 thousand. He made most of his money from his NBA career and endorsement deals. However, he also gave back to others as a philanthropist.

How Did Manute Bol Die?

Manute Bol deceased on June 19, 2010, at 47. The cause of death was kidney failure. He had been suffering from health problems for many years. He visited the hospital severally while still playing basketball. However, people believe that Manute Bol’s health problems resulted from his years of playing basketball.

Manute Bol’s funeral was held in Sudan on July 24, 2010. His body was buried in his hometown of Turalei. All basketball lovers will always remember Bol’s impact on the basketball game, and the world will never be forgotten. He was a truly remarkable man who overcame many obstacles in his life.

Is Gheorghe Mureșan Taller Than Manute Bol?

Gheorghe Mureșan is a former Romanian professional basketball player born in 1971. He is seven feet, seven inches tall, which ties him with Manute Bol for the tallest player in NBA history. However, it is believed that Manute Bol was taller than Gheorghe Mureșan by a margin of two inches.


Manute Bol was an amazing basketball player and an even more amazing human being. We will always remember him for his incredible height, successful NBA career, and his work as a philanthropist. Manute Bol was truly a one-of-a-kind individual who made a lasting impact. Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed learning about this fascinating man. 

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