Why Does Joel Embiid Wear A Mask?

Why Does Joel Embiid Wear A Mask? In his return from a fractured orbital bone and concussion, Joel Embiid scored 18 points and grabbed 11 rebounds in the Sixers’ best-of-seven Eastern Conference semifinal against the …

Why Does Joel Embiid Wear A Mask?

Why Does Joel Embiid Wear A Mask? In his return from a fractured orbital bone and concussion, Joel Embiid scored 18 points and grabbed 11 rebounds in the Sixers’ best-of-seven Eastern Conference semifinal against the Heat. Those who must constantly be on their guard for when a player falls to the ground or possession changes from one end of the court to another should keep an eye out under the Wells Fargo Center basket areas. During Game 3 of the 76ers’ Eastern Conference semifinals against the Miami Heat, however, the young ladies stationed along each baseline took on an additional role.


They were waiting with a towel to wipe his face and the device’s interior whenever Joel Embiid took off his mask during a stoppage in play. While Sixers fans were eagerly anticipating Joel Embiid’s return to the court on Friday night, his appearance in light gray was as stark a reminder as any that he had played without a face roughly two weeks ago, when he suffered an orbital fracture near his right eye and posted 18 points and 11 rebounds in their 99-79 triumph to cut the series deficit to 2-1. The Sixers’ Most Valuable Player finalist, who missed Games 1 and 2 against the Heat due to a concussion, had no problems with his return.

Why Is Joel Embiid Wearing The Mask?

Although sports injuries are unavoidable, they may be devastating for the team concerned. Consider the Philadelphia 76ers as an example. Although the Toronto Raptors were vanquished in the Eastern Conference, the club paid a hefty price for it. Joel Embiid was hit in the face with an elbow, making him unavailable for Game 1 of Philly’s series against Miami.

Why Does Joel Embiid Wear A Mask?

As of May 6, however, things appear to be on the upswing. The massive man has passed concussion testing and is expected to participate in Game 3, according to Shams Charania. When Embiid does take the court, though, things will look very different. The center will now wear a protective mask due to Pascal Siakam’s effectiveness as a small forward.

Post Pascal Siakam Orbital Fracture, Joel Embiid Will Be Wearing The Mask

Joel Embiid was diagnosed with a torn thumb ligament in the middle of the Sixers’ first-round series against the Toronto Raptors, according to sources. While he didn’t miss any time as a result of the problem, he was still unable to play.

In the dying minutes of Game 6, Embiid took a hit from Pascal Siakam while driving to the basket. The Philly big man at once grabbed hold of his face and, before that, it was obvious why. He suffered a fractured orbital and a minor concussion, forcing him to miss Games 1 and 2 against Miami in the second round.

It is possible that Embiid may miss the rest of the series. According to reports, he has passed concussion testing and is free to participate in Game 3. That implies he can return to action, but it does not address the issue of a fractured orbit.

Unfortunately, Joel Embiid will be wearing a protective face mask while he plays on the court as a result of that injury. It may be uncomfortable or, at the absolute least, feel unnatural, but it will allow him to rejoin his teammates and attempt to preserve the Sixers’ season.

Some Masked Heroics Will Only Add To Embiid’s Statue In Philadelphia

Several other players have put their masks in the past, as long-time NBA fans will tell you. LeBron James and Kobe Bryant both utilized protective equipment to remain on the court; Rip Hamilton even incorporated a mask into his signature style.

There is something visceral about looking at an athlete wearing a mask. It becomes a clear indication of their willingness to play through the discomfort. You can not just ignore them and go about your day as if nothing happened. Whether it is LeBron, Kobe, or Embiid, this player might be on the sidelines, but he is pushing through the pain to try to help his team win. Even if battling a medical issue should not be recognized, it still has an emotional impact on sports enthusiasts.

Why Does Joel Embiid Wear The Mask? 

The mask was hanging next to Embiid’s jersey in the Sixers’ locker room, and Maxey was overjoyed when he saw it. That image was also posted on the team’s social media sites with a “Phantom of the Process” caption, alluding to the famous musical “Phantom of the Opera.”

“I air-balled and wide-open shot, so that is the answer to that question,” Embiid said when asked how it felt to wear the gadget. But he went on to say that this version was not as “annoying” as the mask he donned in 2018 for the same injury on the other side of his face. Although his current mask is composed of the same indestructible material, Embiid is relieved that he does not have to wear the accompanying goggles this time around, attracting a distracting reflection from the arena lights. “Four years ago, I really whined about it,” Embiid recalled. “It is still a big change for me this go-around… But it is all good.”


It is easy to see how Embiid can become a hero in Philadelphia if we add the emotional aspect to an already high-risk scenario. The 76ers must make a real go at winning the title, whether it is for better or worse. James Harden has not been able to do it on his own when the series has been tied 2-0. If Embiid is able to return and save the series, it will only enhance his reputation as a star who puts everything he has into his job.

While Embiid’s uniform appeared to be inspired by the colors of the Sixers’ basketball team, Ben Simmons’ was an ode to his baseball career. The contrast between these two players is also worth noting. Whether or not it is fair, Simmons has earned a reputation for being unable to handle pressure and fleeing from attention. By returning to action, the center is sending a message that is the opposite of this. He is taking on the challenge with confidence, and in Philadelphia, that attitude means a lot.

It is not clear how the game will play out on the court at this time. However, it appears safe to assume that Joel Embiid will have something to say about the Heat-76ers matchup.

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