Why Doesnt Ben Simmons Shoot?

Why doesnt Ben Simmons shoot? Is it because he can’t? Or is there another reason? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at why Simmons doesn’t shoot and see if anything is stopping him …

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Why doesnt Ben Simmons shoot? Is it because he can’t? Or is there another reason? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at why Simmons doesn’t shoot and see if anything is stopping him from becoming one of the best shooters in the league.

Why Doesn’t Ben Simmons Shoot?

why doesnt ben simmons shoot

One of the most common questions NBA fans have been asking lately is why Ben Simmons doesn’t shoot. Given that he’s a 6’10” point guard with a 7’0″ wingspan, Simmons has all the physical tools to be an elite shooter. So why has he been so reluctant to pull the trigger?

A few theories are floating around. On the surface, the reason why Simmons doesn’t shoot is that he simply isn’t very good at it. In his three years in the league, he has attempted just 17 three-pointers, making only four of them. Even from inside the arc, Simmons is a below-average shooter, converting just 49 percent of his shots from within 10 feet of the basket.

But why is Simmons such a bad shooter? There are a few possible explanations. One is that he simply doesn’t have the mechanics or the touch to be a good shooter. Another is that he might be subconsciously avoiding shooting because he knows it isn’t his strong suit. Or it could be a combination of both of those things.

Another is that Simmons is simply too unselfish. He’s averaging nearly 8 assists per game, and his instincts are to pass first and shoot second. Another theory is that Simmons is afraid of failure. He’s shooting just 56% from the free-throw line, and he seems hesitant to take open jumpers because he doesn’t want to miss in front of his home crowd.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Simmons’ inability to shoot is holding him back from reaching his full potential. If he can find a way to become even a decent shooter, there’s no telling how good he could be. But until he starts taking more shots, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Why Didn’t Ben Simmons Shoot During His Rookie Season? 

Ben Simmons didn’t shoot during his rookie season for several reasons. Firstly, he was drafted as a point guard and was asked to play a role that didn’t involve shooting. Secondly, he wasn’t confident in his shooting ability and didn’t want to risk taking shots that he wasn’t confident in making. Thirdly, the 76ers were already a strong team and didn’t need him to score points; they just needed him to facilitate the offense and play defense. Fourthly, he was injury-prone and the coaching staff didn’t want to overload him with too much responsibility. Lastly, he is left-handed and many left-handed players have difficulty shooting from long range. For all these reasons, it made sense for Ben Simmons to not shoot during his rookie season.

How Does Ben Simmons’ Shooting Affect His Game? 

why doesnt ben simmons shoot

When looking at Ben Simmons’ game, his shooting is a big part of why he doesn’t succeed as much as he could. Even though he’s tall and has a lot of natural ability, his shooting form is poor and it limits his game. If he could improve his shooting, it would make him a much more dangerous player. 

Right now, teams can sag off Simmons and play zone defense because they know he won’t shoot. This clogs up the lane and makes it difficult for him to drive to the basket. If Simmons could become a decent shooter, teams would have to respect his outside shot and that would open up the lane for him to drive. It would also make him more effective in pick-and-roll situations. 

So why doesn’t Simmons shoot? It’s hard to say for sure, but it seems like he’s just not confident in his outside shot. He’s probably been told his whole life that he’s not a good shooter and so he doesn’t even bother trying. But if he could just learn to trust his shot a little bit more, it would make a big difference in his game.

What Will Happen If Ben Simmons Start Shooting More? 

Many people have been waiting for Ben Simmons to start shooting more, and it seems like this may finally be the year that he starts to take more shots. If he starts shooting more, it could mean good things for the Sixers’ offense. They would likely become a more dangerous team, as Simmons would provide another scoring option. Additionally, it would help to spread the floor and open up driving lanes for other players. Of course, there is always the risk that Simmons could become less effective if he takes too many shots, but it seems like the potential upside outweighs the downside in this case. So, let’s hope that we see a more aggressive Ben Simmons this season!

Can The Team Still Win If He Doesn’t Shoot? 

Ben Simmons has been a great player for the Philadelphia 76ers, but he has been criticized for his lack of shooting. Some people have even said that the team can’t win if he doesn’t shoot. However, I believe that the Sixers can still win even if Ben Simmons doesn’t shoot.

The Sixers have a lot of talent on their roster and they are capable of winning without Ben Simmons shooting. They have players like Joel Embiid and Jimmy Butler who can score the ball and they also have a good defensive team. So, I think the Sixers can still win even if Ben Simmons doesn’t shoot.


It seems that the main reason why Ben Simmons doesn’t shoot is that he doesn’t have confidence in his shooting ability. This lack of confidence probably stems from the fact that he has never been a particularly good shooter, even dating back to his high school days. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Simmons is still relatively new to the NBA game, so he may simply be hesitant to take too many shots lest he makes too many mistakes. Whatever the reasons, it’s clear that Ben Simmons’ shooting is a major weakness in his game and one that opposing teams will look to exploit.

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