Worst Nba Players?

When you think of the NBA, what comes to mind? Dunking, 3-pointers, and talented players. But who are the worst NBA players? Whether they can’t shoot or dribble, these players have not lived up to …

Worst Nba Players?

When you think of the NBA, what comes to mind? Dunking, 3-pointers, and talented players. But who are the worst NBA players? Whether they can’t shoot or dribble, these players have not lived up to expectations.

Do you think you could pick the worst player in the NBA? It might not be as easy as you think. There are a lot of factors to consider, such as talent, stats, and even team contribution. But we decided to give it a try. Here are our picks for the worst NBA players. So without further ado, let’s look at some of the worst NBA players out there!

5 Worst Nba Players Of All Time

The National Basketball Association has seen its share of great players. Names like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and LeBron James come to mind.

worst nba players

But for every player who succeeds in the NBA, many more fail to live up to expectations. Here are 5 of the worst NBA players of all time:

1.      Miles Plumlee

  • APG: 0.5 Assists
  • PPG: 4.9 Points
  • RPG: 4.5 Rebounds

Miles Plumlee was an NBA player who had a somewhat disappointing career. He ultimately became successful for the Indiana Pacers, though he’s not somebody most people have heard of before.

Miles Plumlee had a meteoric rise through the NBA draft, being selected 26th overall by Golden State in 2013. He would later play for Philadelphia and Milwaukee before signing on with Indiana as their newest recruit!

2.      Greg Foster

  • APG: 0.5 Assists
  • PPG: 3.9 Points
  • RPG: 2.6 Rebounds

Greg Foster was a second-round draft pick for the Denver Nuggets. Still, he only played in garbage minutes over two seasons before moving on to Atlanta.! by the end of his career, Greg would have had nearly 3000 points scored against him, which isn’t good considering all those games played.

3.      Bismack Biyombo

  • APG: 0.6 Assists
  • PPG: 5.1 Points
  • R.P.G 6.1 Rebounds

Bismarck’s impact on defense was huge in his first year, but it is unclear if he can score or rebound effectively. He is one of those players who struggled to find success in the NBA.

worst nba players

He made his debut for Charlotte Bobcats against Orlando Magic back in 2011, but after only playing one game, he was traded and sent out on a stretcher as their seventh pick.

4.      Manute Bol

  • APG: 0.3 Assists
  • PPG: 2.6 Points
  • RPG: 4.2 Rebounds

Manute Bol is often considered one of the worst NBA players to ever step onto an athlete’s court. He was 7 feet tall and had incredible defensive prowess, but it’s his shot-blocking skills that make him worth remembering.

In addition, there were a few instances where he threw down impressive stats. By the end of his NBA career, Manute Bol had averaged just over 2.6 ppg and about 4.5 RPG!

5.      Ryan Anderson

  • APG: 0.9 Assists
  • PPG: 12.3 Points
  • RPG: 5.3 Rebounds

Especially considering how poorly they started during their rookie campaign. Although averaging over ten points per game on both squads, Ryans’s health has been challenging to stay durable throughout his career.

6.      Joakim Noah

  • APG: 2.8 Assists
  • PPG: 8.0 Points
  • RPG: 7.5 Rebounds.

Joakim Noah is a lesser-known player in the history of basketball.  His biggest claim legacy came when they selected him 9th overall during the draft week in 2007. However, after just two seasons with Chicago Bulls, JoJo went on loan across Europe before ending up back stateside, where we first saw him play college ball.

Highs and lows have characterized Joakim Noah’s career. After joining the NBA in 2008, he spent four seasons under different coaches with Chicago Bulls before playing for the G League.

What Do These Players Lack That Makes Them So Ineffective On The Court?

There are a few key things to be a successful basketball player, including:

  • Firstly, you need to have good physical conditioning and be able to run up and down the court quickly.
  • Secondly, you need to have good shooting skills and shoot from long range.
  • Thirdly, you need to dribble well and have good ball-handling skills.
  • And fourthly, you need to have good court awareness and know where your teammates and opponents are.

However, some players lack one or more of these key qualities, which makes them ineffective on the court. For example, some players may be plodding and unable to keep up with the game’s pace.

worst nba players

Others may be poor shooters and unable to make baskets consistently. And still, others may lack court awareness and always seem to be a step behind the play. If a player lacks one or more of these key qualities, they will likely struggle to find success on the basketball court.

How Have Their Poor Performances Affected Their Teams’ Standings?

The NBA is a star-driven league. The teams that usually find the most success are led by All-Star caliber players. However, every team has players that fill more of a role player or bench player role.

And while the league’s best players often get the most attention, the worst players can have just as much of an impact on their team’s success. Poor performance from even a single player can have a ripple effect that impacts an entire team’s standing.

NBA teams rely on all of their players to perform well to win games. However, sometimes players have poor performances that can negatively affect their team’s chances of winning.

In the case of the worst NBA players, their poor performances often result in their team losing games and falling in the standings. This can be especially damaging to teams fighting for playoff positioning or trying to avoid the basement of the standings.

Final Words

So, there you have it. The worst NBA players are all based on a variety of factors. Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to check out our other basketball content, especially what iso means in basketball, how to palm a basketball, and who owns the NBA for more insights into the world’s most popular sport.

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